Cytek Bio Aurora

I was approached by the Cytek Bio team in California to produce an animated video outlining the features of their revolutionary full-spectrum flow cytometer, the Aurora. I worked closely with the Cytek team to understand the core concepts and (often complex!) science that underpins the Aurora. With that solid foundation of knowledge I produced storyboards, designs and the final animation to bring the Aurora and its features to life.

The team wanted to avoid the realistic CG look, so I developed a 3D world with a flat vector aesthetic that could flex to both a human and molecular scales, essential in visualising some of the more complex processes and ideas.

Given the complex nature of the subject matter, this was a challenging project to breakdown and communicate clearly, taking care to adhear to scientific visual standards, but pushing these to produce a cohesive and engaging animation.

Design Ryan Ferguson
Storyboard Ryan Ferguson
Animation Ryan Ferguson
Character Model Ryan Ferguson
Character Rigging Aleksey Voznesenski