RedBull | Rhythm & Vines Unforseen Teasers

SubGenre Studio bought me onto the team to animate the characters and effects on the two 15 second teasers for the 22/23 R&V Festival. Jason and the team shot the two videos, I then came in to animate the characters designed by Kell Sunshine (See her amazing creative here).

The timeline was fairly tight, so the process was a real mix of techniques, shots being a combo of C4D 3D models, after effects shape layers and frame-by-frame animation in Adobe Animate . It shows how widely different production techniques can all come together in a cohesive manner.

All in all it was a heap of fun, one of the projects you just want to keep tinkering on until someone tells you it's time to render.

Director Jason Domancie | SubGenre Studio
Character Illustrations Kell Sunshine @kell.sunshine
DP @aidan_shoots
Gaffer @hendrikusdevaan
Gaffer Assistants @jiaozi_henry @blue_eyez_cooked_dragon
Set dresser @oliviarenouf
Talent @klawsss @josie.ho
Animator Ryan Ferguson
Sound @andrewbenmiller