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Ockham Brand Animation and Web Loops

I teamed up with the talented folk at Alt Group to animate a new brand video for Ockham. Alt worked with Jay Cover (www.jaycover.com) to illustrate their storyboards, which I then brought to life.

Given Jay's hand drawn aesthetic, we went down the route of cel animating the entire animation in Animate/Flash. This really held the animation true to Jay's unique style, and made for some tricky breakdown frames.

The music and animation worked hand in hand, with the music composed by Antony Jeffares doing double duty as the foley as well. This made for an organic process where both the music and animation both informed each other.

Another piece of the puzzle was a handful of subtle looping animations of Jay's characters chilling out in the new Ockham Greenhouse apartments. These loops were output as SVG files via Lottie, to be rendered in browser on the website (www.thegreenhouse.apartments).

Studio Alt Group

Client Ockham Residential

Director Luke Scott

Animation Ryan Ferguson

Illustration Jay Cover

Music Composition Ants Jeffares

Architectural Renders Mr. P