Te Papa | Te Taiao – Moa Exhibit

I was really excited to work on the recent Moa exhibit in the Te Taiao exhibition at Te Papa. Alongside the teams at National Park and Storybox, creating the digital shadows that are projected behind the physical Moa skeletons, allowing them to spontaneously come to life.

My role was to take the already developed concept to final execution. We were supplied a high resolution 3D scan of another type of Moa, which I carefully adjusted to match our two physical skeletons, essentailly creating two digital twins. A challenge with the project was the physical skeletons wouldn't be installed into the exhibit space until close to the exhibition opening date, meaning most of my work was done before ever seening the skeletons in situ.

Once we had some rigged models it was time to bring these birds to life. A huge amount of fun, I worked closely with Te Papa’s Curator of Vertebrates, Alan Tennyson to make sure the birds moved in an accurate manner. Although we did leave some room for a little light hearted fun.

animation curvesanimation curves

Creative agency Storybox

Creative Director | Storybox Rob Apperido

Producer | Storybox Melissa Donald

Animation production National Park

Director Toby Donald

Animator Ryan Ferguson

3D Rigging Matt Fodsham

Client Te Papa

Head of Experience Design and Content | Te Papa Frith Williams

Lead Science Curator | Te Papa Leon Perrie

Curator of Vertebrates | Te Papa Alan Tennyson

Digital Producer | Te Papa Richard Nichols

Exhibition Developer > Exhibition Experience Developer | Te Papa Ralph Upton

Exhibition Preparator | Te Papa Brad Welch

Lead Digital Producer | Te Papa Amos Mann

Technology Solutions Systems Engineer | Te Papa Andy Allison