The Valkurie – NZSO

To promote the NZSO's performance of The Valkyrie, we created this 30 second advert to play in cinemas across New Zealand. The Valkyrie opera in concert is truly epic, coming in at whopping 5 hours 40 minutes. With this in mind we decided to use engraved illustrations that conveyed parts of the story on an old war helmet.

The original artwork was for a print campaign only, this threw up some challenges when we moved to the cinema advert as the helmet was only ever created to be seen from one angle. So before we could start animating the advert, we had to add detail and resolution to the model and textures.

We also had a pretty tight deadline, we only had a couple of days to go from poster to moving animation, so anything we did do had to be simple, and importantly, render quickly.

The helmet was created in Cinema 4D, textured in Photoshop and then comped together in After Effects.

Ryan Ferguson: Cinema advert Design, Modelling, Animation, Compositing,
Su Chin Chow: Cinema advert Typography & Poster design